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Personnel management

Smart Instrument attaches great importance to talents and values talents.
We adhere to such principle of “people foremost; everyone is equal” from top management to manufacturing workers.



Six mechanisms

We choose and cultivate talents through six mechanisms.
  1. Incentive mechanism: This mechanism includes material incentive and spiritual incentive. Our managerial staff can find what are truly need by our staff and will integrate the measures in line with the staff’s needs and the fulfillment of organizational objectives.  
  2. Pressure mechanism: This mechanism includes competition pressure and target-oriented responsibility pressure. Competition brings challenge to our staff frequently and gives them a sense of crisis. It is the sense of crisis and challenge that affords them the strength for continuous progress. The target-oriented responsibility system invests our staff with a definite orientation of career and responsibility and forces them to strive to fulfill their duties.


  3. Restriction mechanism: It includes system norm and moral ethics. System is a tangible restriction and moral ethics is an intangible restriction. System refers to the rules and regulations of a company that are observed by its staff. System, as a compulsory restriction, allows our staff to know what and how they should do and what is right. Moral ethics are self-restraint and restraint of public opinions.

  4. Guarantee mechanism: It includes legal guarantee and the guarantee of social security system. Legal guarantee mainly refers to protect the basic human rights, interest, reputation, personality, etc. from infringement by means of law. Social guarantee system mainly functions to guarantee the normal life of staff who are sick, aged, injured, handicapped, unemployed and so on. The corporate welfare system beyond social guarantee system serves as a means to stimulate and enhance the cohesive force in an enterprise. 

  5. Establishment of competition system: It mainly refers to the staff are entitled to choose professions out of their free will, and to be employed, resign and choose a new profession so as to contribute to the free flow of personnel. At the same time, the enterprise also has the right to choose and dismiss an employee.
  6. Environment mechanism: It mainly refers to the conditions and environment for interpersonal relationship and for work itself. A harmonious and friendly interpersonal relationship and working conditions and environment will enable employees to have a good mood and work happily amid friendly cooperation and mutual care. Creating a favorable interpersonal environment, working conditions and environment and enabling all the employees to work and live in a delighted mood will improve both the working efficiency and the level of corporate civilization.



Career growth

We take continuous development of human resource as an important condition for increasing the value of human capital and keep engaging in building up a study-oriented organization.


Code of commercial behavior   

Our code of operational activities requires all our employees to keep a high level of behavioral criteria on professional ethics.


Working environment  

Our company has been striving for offering a comfortable office environment for our employees.


Professional training 

Our company offers various training resources to help our employees to accomplish self-improvement.


Tutor system 

Smart Instrument has put into place an effective tutor system to make our employees adapt to our company promptly.


Remuneration and welfare  

We abide by the minimum wage level as required by the local laws and regulations whilst introducing highly competitive remuneration system.


Job qualifications  

Our job qualifications are aimed at standardizing the cultivation and selection of talents and setting up a benchmark for effective training and self-study. Our qualification standard can guide our employees to study and make improvement continuously and to have sustained growth. It can also encourage our employees to be more competent for their positions continuously.


Staff club  

We have established various clubs to enrich the life and improve the life quality of our employees.


Channel of communication 

There are smooth channels of communication between our company and the employees.