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Corporate objective: create famous brands and bring about a prosperous centennial business;

Quality objective: pursuit of zero defect;

Quality policy: concerted effort, pursuit of excellence, meet users’ needs;

Operation concept: loyalty, dedication to work, contribution to the society;

Management concept: people foremost 

Team spirit: communication, harmony, principle, solidarity, dedication and innovation;

Corporate development concept: study, innovation and success;

Concept of work and behavior: Keep finding approaches for success rather than finding excuses for failure.

Concept on implementation of strategic objective: win out by implementation; implementation is mission;  

Loyalty, dedication to work, contribution to the society;

      Based on solid business foundations and adhering to the pioneering spirit, Smart Instrument overcomes all obstacles to dedicate itself to the development, manufacturing, sale and service of the national electronic instrument industry and never changes its determination. We firmly believe that only profession and devotion can lead to superior quality and leading technologies, and only serving users wholeheartedly can satisfy them in the real sense.


Take quality as the root of our company and keep pursuing excellence
Guided by the policy of “concerted effort, pursuit of excellence, meet users’ needs”, we have set up a complete quality management system and standard quality inspection system and formed an industrial chain that integrates design, manufacturing, installation and service. We are fully aware that quality is the lifeline for Smart Instrument to survive. Only by continuous pursuit of excellence and constant improvement can we supply excellent products to the public.