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After-sales repair

I. Free warranty 
1. We offer free warranty within one year (excluding appearance), that is, if there is performance breakdown to your product purchased from us within one year following the purchasing date, we shall offer free warranty to the product.   
II. Paid warranty
The following conditions are excluded from our scope of warranty, and you may choose our paid service.   
1. Products that exceed the one-year free warranty; 
2. Products whose purchasing voucher and warranty card have been altered without permission and whose serial number is inconsistent with that of this product; 
3. Damage resulting from the user’s improper use; 
4. All the accessories except for the mainframe, such as the equipment housing, batteries, data line, light disk, packing, etc.;
III. Repair process for returned instruments  
1. All our services are targeted at agents signed contract with Smart Instrument. Except for special circumstances, we will not accept returned products from distributors and end-users. Agents must attach a detailed commodity list when returning the repaired instrument, and indicate the reasons for return, repair and breakdown on the commodity list before posting it to the repair outlet designated by our company for repair.  
2. Time of returned instrument: The time for the agent to return the product for repair shall be calculated by the time when the returned product has been sent to the After-sales Service Department. If the repair needs not to replace accessories, the returned product shall be sent within five working days. If accessories need to be replaced, the returned product shall be sent within 7 working days at the most. Separate notification shall be made in case of special circumstances.  
3. If repair expense needs to be charged, we shall notify the agent in writing when receiving the returned instrument from the agent, and shall make repair after confirmed by the agent.  
4. Mode of transport and cost: If the returned machine from an agent is transported to our After-sales Service Department by bus, the round-trip transport expense shall be borne by our company. But our factory shall not be liable for the loss and damage during transportation. If the returned instrument is returned to the factory via express delivery, the express fee shall be borne by the agent, and the express fee for sending the product upon repair shall be borne by our company.    
5. If the product needs to be repaired of the same fault for the second time, the round-trip expense shall be borne by our company. 
IV. Repair cost 
1. Scope of charge: All the quality issues born of artificial cause within or beyond the warranty period shall be charged. 
2. Standard of charge: Charge shall be made as per the Charge Standard on Repair of Spare and Accessory Parts of Smart Instrument. Refer to the appendix for details. 
Special statement: Our company shall not make repair or offer paid service on the following conditions.   
1. Products whose code has been artificially and purposely altered or damaged; 
2. We offers no service in China for types of product supplied to foreign countries. 
V. Replacement of goods 
1. Users without putting the product in use within five days upon receipt of the product can change the product for other product type; 
2. If an agent or a user finds quality problem to our product within seven days upon receipt of the product, he or she can change the product for a new one of the same type; 
3. Products that are asked for a replacement must be free of mechanical dis-assembly, the surface of their casing, labels and so on must be free of noticeable abrasion and scratch, must not affect the secondary sale and have brand-new and complete external packing, accessories, specification, warranty card, delivery note, invoice or receipt; 
4. If the products that are asked for a replacement have mechanical dis-assembly, the surface of their casing, labels and so on have noticeable abrasion and scratch and affect the secondary sale, our company shall have the right to charge corresponding depreciation cost as per the damage degree when the products are returned.