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 Instrument calibration:

1. To ensure the normal production of users of industrial apparatuses and instruments, it is necessary to carry out regular calibration and correction on the detecting instrument (It is advisable to calibrate the apparatuses and instruments on a yearly basis).

2. We shall offer calibration and correction on all Smart apparatuses and instruments to our customers for a long time. At the same time, the parameter inspection test report from the manufacturer shall be offered.

Refer to the Charging Standard on Repair of Smart Instruments for our calibration and correction expense.



Measurement and detection:

1. After continuous improvement and upgrading, most of the Smart instruments and apparatuses have come up to the national measurement and detection requirements. But owing to manufacturing, storage, transport, sale and other factors, it is hard for us to make sure each one of our product is up to the national measurement and detection standard completely. Therefore, we have specially worked out the following test scheme so as to solve issues related to instrument measurement and detection for agents in a more considerate way.    

2. Our company shall offer inspection and measurement (including test) on behalf of the agents.





Remarks: We shall send samples and offer measurement on apparatuses and instruments. The measurement organizations include the National Institute of Metrology, China, South China (Guangdong) Institute of Metrology and Metrology Institute of the province and the city. 


3. The customers shall send samples for measurement on their own (Customers that need to voluntarily send samples for inspection shall inform us before delivery, so that we may retest the functions of the products for inspection. )



Remarks: In normal conditions, the products that the customers send for inspection and measurement can come up to the national measurement and test requirements. If such products fail to pass the inspection and measurement, please do not hastily let the local metrological department to issue measurement certificate. Instead, inform our factory and the local metrological department for coordination and solution.

If a customer fails to inform us of the conditions on the measurement of the product sent for inspection beforehand, the factory shall not afford the measurement and test expense, etc. for the product.