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The company is willing to provide ODM/OEM and Processing services, OEM services are applicable to all models of SmartSensor brand:

ODM services

-    Assist and support by our technical and design experts, able to help customers from design to produce their exclusive products, including:

   1. Product concept feasibility test;

   2. Product specifications setup;

   3. Product outlook design with technical advice;

   4. Material selection advise and purchasing;

   5. Mold tailor-making;

   6. Expert technician advise

-    Customize production programs, with the best cost and efficiency.

-    Ensure product quality by 3 independent departments:

   1. Material quality control;

   2. Production processes monitoring and;

   3. Final product quality control

OEM service

-    Change or order exclusive enclosure color and appearance

-    Customer brand (or model)labeling

-    Customize or design exclusivethe packingmaterialsand colors

-    Product manual design and language change


Processing services

-     We also provide productivities for partlyproduction processes, packaging processes, etc.. All processes are including quality and information control


We are always looking for innovativeideas andchallenges, to improve our production and service. If you have any idea or question, please do not hesitate to contact our sales.